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They say you need to make a few mistakes when you learn to cook, to be honest I have made more than a few. When I was 18 years old I managed to make blue spaghetti. To this day I have no idea what happened. But over the years I have enjoyed risk taking in the kitchen, challenging myself with cuisines of the world and pushing myself cooking for crowds.

Today I entertain regularly, I rarely cook the same thing twice in a month and I BBQ religiously. But the biggest changes in my culinary life have happened in recent years. I have become obsessed with the seasonality of produce and changes in the seasons bring the excitement of what lays ahead. And along side seasonality is my reconnection with local produce. The whole world is talking local with very good reason. I know my green grocer and butchers personally, they tell me where the produce comes from, its fresh and much better quality.

It saddens me that many children do not know what fruit and vegetables really taste like because the flavour has been bred out of produce in favour of the mass market. So after several years of being encouraged to publish my thoughts, my cooking styles, recipes and tips by friends I have finally decided to launch this site.

I hope you enjoy some of the things I write about but more importantly I hope that I inspire you to shop locally and seasonally for your own health and well being.


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