Apps for Foodies and the Three S Rule

It is a definite sign of the global interest in food and cooking, the iTunes store has launched a portal to group together food apps for the iPhone and Touch as well as the iPad. The Apps For Foodies portal contains a myriad of apps useful to food lovers from all around the world. Everything from restaurant guides, recipes, cheese, wine and cocktails and beyond.

But there is a serious lack of apps in the ethics department. This is a bit of a cause for me. I love the fact that TV and TV Chefs have turned us all into food concious consumers and we are all starting to get back into cooking for ourselves rather than take out. However I really hope that the next step is that these TV formats act in our best interests and take us to the next steps. The three S rule, Source, Season and Supplier.

Source is where does the food come from. Are you eating locally or are you eating produce that has been cold stored, shipped in from overseas and then gas ripened? Buying from a local producer or farmers market ensures quality, freshness and better taste.

Season is pretty obvious. Food is cheaper in season, getting fruit and vegetables at the wrong time of the year normally means that they have been cold stored and shipped in. However be cautious. Strawberries for example can be purchase all year round in Australia because of our unique climate spread. Check the labels and ask where the produce comes from.

Supplier is the one I get most worked up over. Did you know that brands like Thomas Dux are actually Woolworths? Don’t you think that retailers like that should be forced to display their corporate ownership. Let me get one thing straight I have no problem buying toilet paper and deodorant and Wollies. However the market domination in this country is responsible for Australia paying the highest grocery prices ever. Find a local green grocer, introduce yourself and then start shopping locally. The big chains are crucifying our growers and producers. It is embarrassing.

So next time you shop remember these three simple S words and you will save money and get a better tasting bit of fruit and veg.

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