Huon Smoked Salmon in Creamy Pea and Dill Sauce

My friend Joe’s local grocer Crown St Grocer is about to stock Tasmanian Huon Salmon. So I decided that I should test cook some of the Huon product and figure out a recipe to launch the range in store. I have already done parmesan, lemon and salmon linguine so tonight was a competitive option. Stunning smoked salmon in a creamy sauce with fresh peas and dill and linguine. Jury is out. Stew loves the parmesan and lemon, I loved tonights. I think the other one might win though it just has an edge.

Either way I have to tell you that the Huon Valley in Tasmania is one of the most incredible places I have ever been to. I can see myself owing a pub on the river near Huonville, awesome. Anyway stay tuned and I will write up the winning recipe and give you more info on the most extraordinary smoked salmon.

Roast Poussin Stuffed with Chorizo

This is the first post in Things I Cook. Pretty much this is me just experimenting, taking flavours I like and knocking them together into a dish. I suspect that what may horrify some of my friends is that this is the sort of thing I do on Tuesday night. I was walking home from the office today thinking to myself I really want to use that artisan chorizo I got at the growers market in something different. So chicken, potato, chorizo, they go together but what about kicking it up a bit.

The result ended up being poussin (baby chickens) stuffed with chorizo, thyme and fresh breadcrumbs on a bed of baked potato crisps and porcini risotto. It was a little bit ridiculous for Tuesday night dinner, but it worked. I need to tidy it up a little bit then I will post the recipe, once I fix the balance.