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Food Safety – Not Just for Professionals

Growing up I suspect that we are all taught about basic food safety. Washing your hands, keeping things in the fridge, washing up utensils after use and so forth. It really is an incredibly important thing to consider, especially in a professional kitchen or cafe. It really does bother me how often there is a […]

Apps for Foodies and the Three S Rule

It is a definite sign of the global interest in food and cooking, the iTunes store has launched a portal to group together food apps for the iPhone and Touch as well as the iPad. The Apps For Foodies portal contains a myriad of apps useful to food lovers from all around the world. Everything […]

Perfect Portions to Save Money

I would argue that the most difficult issue faced by anyone who cooks is to calculate the correct amount of food to buy and then prepare for a meal. The problem with portion control is that just about every recipe book and food site has recipes for 4 people, sometimes even more. And what about […]

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