Food Information On Your Mobile

There is no doubt that smart mobile phones like the iPhone are changing the way we communicate and work. But there are some fantastic developments going on that can benefit us all as shoppers and consumers. One of the most exciting things I have seen of late is the RedLaser bar-code scanner for the iPhone.

This incredible app lets you scan the bar-code of a product and then retrieve key information including prices from the internet. Granted right now it is USA-centric but this is the first of many applications that will surface like this over the next year or so.

The implications for a cook or a parent are incredible. Imagine scanning the bar-code of a product and then retrieving information about what’s in it, including allergens, country of origin, even fat and calorie levels. This is a truly exciting use for technology and one I think that we should all be monitoring carefully. Check out the video demo of the app.

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