Food Safety – Not Just for Professionals

Growing up I suspect that we are all taught about basic food safety. Washing your hands, keeping things in the fridge, washing up utensils after use and so forth. It really is an incredibly important thing to consider, especially in a professional kitchen or cafe. It really does bother me how often there is a story in the news about food poisoning because a cafe or restaurant has dropped its vigilance on cleanliness and food safety. I have often gone in search of answers to questions, using google to find out the answers to food safety questions so the latest book released by the CSIRO, Make it Safe: A Guide to Food Safety, is a fantastic resource. While it is targeted at small to medium businesses in food I believe that it is a fantastic resource for the home as well.

Make It Safe provides practical guidance on how to control food safety hazards, with a specific focus on controls suitable for implementation by small-scale businesses.

The book is available at book stores and online at the CSIRO publishing site. It is a great resource and should find a home with your cook books.

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