When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to own a disco, at least that is what I said once. Today I realise that its not the disco itself I wanted but the idea of having a place where people came and had a good time, to be an entertainer, not show business but food and bev. Being back in Brisbane over the last few days has triggered quite a few things in me both mentally and emotionally. When I left 22 years ago it was to run from ridiculous oppression by a government. Okay maybe oppression is too strong a word but when you are the one being vilified things get seen from a new perspective. Coming back this time I have found a very different Brisbane filled with fantastic little bars, café’s and restaurants. But my heart lies in a little place called Samford.

Growing up on the north side of Brisbane I always had this weird love of Samford village. I never knew why, but I do now. Its incredibly rural, village like, in a valley surrounded by mountains yet you can drive just 5 or 10 minutes to the next suburb and hop a train into the city in just 25 minutes. So you can imagine what I thought when a friend told me about her friend Linda that had opened a fantastic café there, I just had to go try it.

The Flying Nun is everything I love. Unique, inside an old church, the camp flying nun idea being irreverent in itself. The decor is clever, it takes an entire meal to really figure it out. At first its colourful and warming then when you look a little closer you discover little tricks of the modern hidden inside. Indoor and outdoor spaces all with very different vibes and completely unpretentious service. Choose a table, pay at the counter, enjoy your meal.

The food was stunning and the range of choices great as well. The risotto was wonderful, it is a massive bug bear of mine you know how many chefs and cooks seem to not be able to make a half decent risotto.  And there is a modest but well stocked retail cupboard selling teas and other delights. This place is everything I ever imagined I wanted to own and run. If you are ever in Brisbane it is worth the short trip out for breakfast or lunch.

So this has been a bit of a motivator for me this weekend. It has given me something to aim for, because when I grow up I want to own a place just like the Flying Nun.

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